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Stay Focused on What Matters Most

We're in this together, even when we have to be apart.

In the face of tough times such as these, we need to focus on what we can control — our attitude, our outlook, and our mindset. 

At Fracture, it has always been our mission to help people focus on what matters most, and it feels like this is the place where we can be of service.

We’ll keep updating this page with content that we hope will help inspire, refocus, and find some hope in this difficult time.


A little hope goes a long way.

A Thoughtful Photo Book Project For Your Kids
Have your kids help out with this photo book project. It's time to take your favorite memories out of the attic or download from the cloud and put on display.
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It’s OK To Be A Couch Potato — Here’s What We’re Binging
If you needed to hear it from someone, we’re here to tell you that it’s OK to slow down. We’ve been sharing what we’ve been enjoying with each other, and we thought we’d share it with all of you, as well.
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The Best Ways To Stay Connected To Others
In this time when we have to be apart from family and friends, it's more clear than ever just how important our relationships are. Luckily there are more ways than ever to talk, play, and stay connected with loved ones.
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Staying Healthy At Home
As physical activities and social interactions are decreasing, keeping an eye on each aspect of your overall health is becoming increasingly important. Here are some tips for practicing self-care while you're stuck at home.
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Don't Just Sit There With Clean Hands
The current health situation can make it easy to get discouraged and feel helpless or alone. But there’s still a lot of good happening in the world — and more ways than ever for you to be a part of it.
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Some Good News To Smile About
These are difficult times, and the future feels uncertain. Yet even in the midst of all of this upheaval, there are bright spots of hope and connection that shine through. Here are some of our favorites.
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Here are some ideas to keep you (or the kids) busy while you're stuck inside.

Capturing What Matters: Our Family Photo Challenge
Take advantage of all this extra family time with our family photo challenge. This is a fun way to create and capture new family memories.
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Hone Your Photography Skills At Home
If you've been meaning to brush up on your photography skills, now is a great time to do so. Here's a list of resources that can help you from the comfort of home.
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How To Take Great Pet Photos
They aren't just our furry friends, for many of us they are suddenly our coworkers and most constant companions, as well. Here's how to make the most of your extra time together by taking great photos of them.
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Taking Family Photos You'll Want To Display
For those of us lucky enough to be spending this time at home with family, it's a great opportunity to connect in ways that our busy lives don't always allow for. These tips can help you capture these moments together.
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The Best Ways To Scan Your Old Photos
Looking for something to do while stuck indoors? Now is a great time to dive into projects you haven't had time to get to, like digitizing photos of your favorite moments.
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