After learning about the Fracture process for turning digital photographs into what looked like stunning art pieces, I went online in April and uploaded five of my favorites to try the system out. Several days later I received a personal confirmation from Brittany in Customer Service along with a suggestion that one of the uploaded photos be replaced or modified to better fit the frame. The "fix" was seamless and I just can't say enough about the superior level of customer service I received. The finished photographs arrived within two weeks as advertised and I was absolutely stunned by the results. These are true works of art and will adorn my wall for a life time. One of the photos of my girlfriend's family was so exquisite that I re-ordered six more so each of her siblings could have one of these art masterpieces. I'll be a lifelong customer and encourage anyone looking for the perfect gift to go online and place an order. These are also perfect for companies looking for ways to showcase their products and services.

What customers are saying

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Love our fracture prints!

We love the quality of the pictures we have ordered. We get so many compliments. The process was easy.

Good stuff!

I really like my pictures a lot the one thing I would love is If fracture would do touch ups on photos if needed one of my pictures my dog had a glared out eye I know I should have done touch up myself before sending over, just think would be great if y’all could catch and fix, or Atleast ask if wanted fixed other then that I just love them

very timely - looks like

very timely - looks like we lost a little resolution in the print but otherwise very happy !


Truly impressed with the quality of the photo!

Excellent workmanship

Overall quality fantastic,well made. Just wish the final print editing was printed with a lighter exposure ,colors are muted. Again overall craftsmanship on point.



Sunrise on False River

It is beautiful and everyone admirers it and wants to know where I had it done just couldn’t believe how great it came out

Loved it

Loved it

Multiple prints

To date I have had 5 large photos done. All I can say is you need to see it to believe it. Amazing product and equally amazing customer service!


It was better than I could imagine it to be!!

Good packaging. Print on glass

Good packaging. Print on glass as advertised. Very happy with product.

I am very pleased with

I am very pleased with the photos that you did for me




This is the second time I’ve used Fracture prints, I positively love them! They’re fun, plus the quality of the finished print is fabulous. It’s a unique way to display favorite photos in a new way.

Awesome Pictures!

Ordered 3-5x5’s for my niece and her daughters. They lost their husband/father last year. Perfect size for by their beds or on a desk. I was very impressed when I opened the box! The picture was awesome!


You guys did an awesome job. My wife loved it. I been going through other photos, to see what else I can have done. Thank You Keland

Love love love

I love the look and quality of these. Ordering was easy and Shipping was fast. Excellent customer service. Can’t wait to order more!


I sent this as a gift. They loved it.

They looked wonderful as always

They looked wonderful as always

Very happy

Very happy




I am in awe of my Beautiful photos on Glass. I knew it would be Great but I didn’t know How Great! So glad I got them. They are even More Precious to me now, And, I have More coming. Soooo Cool!!!!!

Pleased with the results.

Didn't get size I would have preferred but that was due to the resolution of the shot. Looks great on the wall, though.

The service was prompt and

The service was prompt and my picture arrived and was perfect. It is a birthday gift for my daughter in law so I was happy to receive it quickly. Thank you.


Thank you for your wonderful product and answer to my concern about my bill .You are the best!.


Even though we were advised that our picture was not of high enough resolution, we had it printed anyway. Looks great. We had a second smaller picture printed that is also great.

I think the photo pictures

I think the photo pictures are simply elegant and beautiful. They capture people's attention walking into the room


Quality is Fantastic!!!!

Picture looks great...

Picture looks great...


The pic came out so cool on glass. I will definitely use this site again. Quick delivery too.

When I first got my

When I first got my package from fracture me there was nothing in the box. I emailed the company with pictures and they sent another set of prints they arrived and they look wonderful. I will defiantly use them again.

Absolutely stellar work and easy

Absolutely stellar work and easy as pie! I’ve had about 20 made thus far!


Purchased the picture for a friends birthday. I loved it and she did as well!!

Love the pictures on glass.

Love the pictures on glass. These will be Mother's day gifts. I will certainly buy more.


These are spectacular prints, well packaged and beautifully mounted. Fast shipping and turnaround!!! Can't wait to order more.


I bought this for a friend and overall I’m pretty happy with it. My only complaint is that the website centers the picture for you and on my phone’s small screen it looked fine but when I got the picture in person I felt like it could’ve been center a lot better. I think next time I’ll just double check it before purchasing.

so pleased, the photo was

so pleased, the photo was not the best quality, but the picture came out really good with your process. I purchased it as a gift, hope they love it as much as I do.




Fracture has created a new way to share picture. The receipient loved it!

Sunrise and sunset

We received two pictures for the same day during our trip, it was the beautiful sunrise and in the same day a beautiful sunset, fracture pictures made it so beautiful for us to remember for years to come.



Absolutely exactly what I had hoped for in placing my order!!!

Clean, clear, crisp images with no frames to detract from the subjects!!! Will certainly order again for my favorites that I wish to display!


The photo is beautiful, just what I wanted to always remember my beloved dog who is now 4 years old.

30 years

this picture was taken for 30th anniversary. WE BOTH LOVE IT UNDER GLASS. THANK YOU

The (2) photos for Pinkerton

I found your product be excellent! The (2) photos actually looked more sharp with a warm professional appearance than the original picture. I was highly pleased! I gave the product (5) Stars. Reg

Beautiful and Fast

I received my picture within a week and the quality was excellent.

Great new picture of the kids

The picture is just what I expected after seeing ads on TV. Neat idea....

photo on glass

tiny chip on corner but still very nice

Fantastic Product

Fantastic Product. Fast. Was disappointed with the shipping container. Don't choose USPS. The framing Mat was damaged because the shipping box is dinky and USPS doesn't care about handling fragile packages. Go with the non-USPS shipping method.

We are so pleased with

We are so pleased with our order and will definitely be ordering from Fracture again!

Very cool

My wife loved it

Fantastic Art

Thanks for your terrific work! Made my photo into a great piece of art

Great team and product

Fracture has an awesome product line and a very customer focused team.


I love my photo. Just ordered another!!


I consigned a digital portrait of a friend's loved one who had passed. This digital portrait was beautifully recreated on glass by Fracture. My friend was deeply touched to receive it.


Prints turned out awesome. Will definitely be be ordering more. What a great gift for the hard to get for on your gift list.

great picture

great picture

Yes I would do it again

This is a perfect gift. From the time I logged on and off was about was five minutes. It took me longer to enter my card info than anything else. The quality of the product is outstanding, yes I will order again


I recently had fracture prints made of my favorite fur baby (cat) pictures to hang in my new dining room. They turned out far better than I expected. From now on, this will be the only way I obtain prints for display.

a Fantastic Gift

a Fantastic Gift


You have done a wonderful job and I thank you

Glass photos

I’m very impressed with the quality and customer service. Will definitely order again.

my daughter said she loved

my daughter said she loved it I havn,t seen it yet I,m sure it,s great thank you.


love my pics this is so unique I have people always asking where did I get them made when they find out its glass awesome and different way to share your memories


The photograph came earlier than expected and the picture was exceptional. I purchased this as a gift for my sister and she will love it. She's an underwater photographer in her spare time and the photo on glass makes the shot spectacular. Thank you.

Excellent job

The photo was very clear and the recipient was quite pleased. Thanks for the good work.

Our deceased animals

I can't say enough about the product I just love it every one I have family has lost 3 dogs and 3 kitten and I have given them their pictures and they are so pleased with them. GREAT JOB👍

Nice job....would order again!

I ordered a 5x5 glass print which came out beautiful, and it was shipped very carefully, which I appreciated. The only criticism I have is that the backing doesn't cover the entire back of the glass. At one point my nail must have gone up against the exposed ink, while handling it, and made a small scratch in the ink and you can see it when held up to the light. I will be more careful next time.

Looks great with great service

Had one picture arrive broken but got a replacement right away with super friendly customer service. The finished product is easy to hang and looks beautiful.

Sunrise in the Caribbean

Renovated a room in our house and wanted a special finishing touch. Our photo turned out wonderful and we're looking forward to future purchases. Thanks for such a great job!

Awesome Product

I keep reordering more because the glass photos are consistent and vivid in color. I am very satisfied with this product.

Very Happy - will be

Very Happy - will be back.



Glass portrait

Received product before expected. Great quality


Very different type of photo- so clear, almost 3D like.


Love my picture! Stands out above every picture on the wall this is truly a remarkable way to print photos


The photo is beautiful. I hold off on the 5th star only because it’s a gift that hasn’t been received yet; i’ll Leave the final evaluation to them.

Glassed from the Past!

I found an old photo from 30 years ago. My beautiful wife and I were at a party profiled looking in a mirror with our reflections looking straight into the camera. A classic shot, now preserved in glass, has brought added joy to my even more beautiful wife and me.

I love the prints.

I love the prints.


I’ve been looking for a service that can turn my photo’s into works of art. Congrats to Fracture for a simple order process, swift processing and delivery at an affordable price. I am very pleased with the finished product (which came impressively packaged) and highly recommend Fracture to anyone who is looking for a seamless solution to bringing photo’s to life!


looks great and price is reasonable. would do it again.

Love it!

Love it!

Unconventional Fram

The whole process was very easy. Very fast service. Really A beautiful product. Will be doing some more pictures down the road For sure. The only complaint is there is no phone # to contact them which I feel Every company should have that available. Other ten that 👍👍👍👍👍

So perfect

I just love putting my favorite pictures on glass .it just show so much i care for my very special pictures in glass it's very classy look it add to my home


Loved how picture turned out


I purchased two of the large Fractures. Pictures of our beloved dog for my husband's birthday. He's a tough guy and cried when he opened them. They look amazing. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

Couldn't be Better

Awesome results with tearing happiness... A+


I had an old black and white photograph from the 1950's "Fractured" Extremely pleased with the results.


Beautiful job

I love it!!!!! Will be

I love it!!!!! Will be ordering another one.

Great service and quality!

Great service and quality!


This was a first time order for me. I love it!! I plan to order another one.

6 x 9 Wall Print

I took a picture of my four hour old granddaughter and decided to try the Fracture wall print. I gave this print to my step son and daughter-in-law and they loved it. This was my first time using Fracture and I will definitely use them again!

Granddaughter picture

So thin, excellent quality

Bobcat in the snow

Looks very nice!

Photos on glass

I was very pleased with to 2 photos that where transferred to glass. My customer was very happy with the results Thank you for the excellent work

We want you to love your prints.

We want you to be overjoyed by the photos you print. If anything in your print doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll make it right.